Born in Lima, Peru, Pilar Morales decides to follow her father’s footsteps and study Engineering. As Peru has a strong tradition in unique fiber and fabric production, Pilar’s specialization is in Textiles, and she chooses to complete her studies in her mother’s birthplace, Spain.  The adventure has started and is still not over ...

She completes her specialization at the Universidad Politécnica de Cataluña, as it is the leading university in this field. From the very beginning,  Pilar tackles her studies with great passion and commitment. 

Her studies continue at the Politecnico di Torino,  in the field of Chemical Engineering applied to Textiles.  Here she completes her thesis at the Centro Nazionale di Ricerca di Biella, one of the most important research centres in the world on woollen fibers.

After her university studies, she decides to stay in Italy, and starts to develop her expertise in the area of Quality Control, working for various companies that produce lingerie, beachwear, knitting and nightwear. Differing approaches to business strategies and commercial policies adopted by each company enables her to broaden her experience rapidly, such as: in-depth studies on raw materials in cooperation with suppliers; organization and optimization  of industrial processes, with significant improvement in efficiency; implementation of quality systems inside industrial processes, with significant impact on quality of acceptance of production goods, and on quality for the final customer, by reducing low-quality returns.

The next step in her journey is Technical Consultancy, where Pilar finds maximum professional fulfillment, always addressing new challenges and inventing new solutions.